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North Little Rock High School Theatre Arts     

Whether you want to be in the spotlight, backstage, or want to learn to formulate arguments with the best, the North Little Rock High School Theatre Arts Department has something for every body. In our family, we have Theatre classes, an award winning Forensics and Debate program, one of the state’s premium technical theater programs that includes both Stagecraft and Costume/Makeup, and a Theatre Dance program that gives students the opportunity to learn a variety of dance techniques and study under dancers and choreographers from a variety of Broadway casts and professional dance companies.


We offer Theatre I-IV, Forensics I-III, Debate I-III, Stagecraft I-IV, Costume and Makeup I-III, Theatre Appreciation, ELA Drama (this gives you ½ an English credit), and Theatre Dance I-IV.  Students in our program have the opportunity to audition for our extra-curricular dance company, the NLRHS Dance Troupe, and for our large productions that include straight plays and musicals (so you’re not a singer or dancer? No problem! We got you!).


Our staff is comprised of professional directors, choreographers, actors and designers. Many of our alumni have been successful around the world in prominent law careers, as news reporters, by dancing in professional companies, appearing in movies and national commercials, acting and directing in Los Angeles and New York City, working for prominent organizations such as the National Football League, and even securing technical jobs for major companies like Disney.


By joining the NLRHS Theatre Arts family, you not only have the opportunity to find your niche, you also have opportunities to earn scholarships at top schools, develop professional connections, and become a part of something that will forever have a place in your heart. Don’t hesitate-join the family and make NLRHS Theatre Arts Department your home away from home!


Coming Fall 2016

Alexanne Pitts, NLRHS CLASS OF 2007

Dance Troupe ● Competitive Speech ● Theater Dept.

The NLRHS Speech, Drama & Dance program is an excellent example of a gift that keeps on giving. Not only do I know this to be true for me personally, but I know this to be true for many people before and after me. From early morning dance troupe workshops with Dennis Glascock to late night theater rehearsals with Ms. Lori for NLR’s infamous spring musicals, I can hands down say that these collective moments shaped me into a person who isn’t afraid to fail forward or venture out of her comfort zone. Not to mention, always be stage face ready with a smile!


Martha Graham once said, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” My teachers at NLRHS, especially my dance and drama teachers, have uncompromisingly encouraged me to pursue the things I’m most passionate about no matter how sloppy it may look or feel in the process. Being confident in myself and believing in my potential has granted me so many amazing opportunities throughout my career, which has resulted in me living a pretty darn happy and fulfilling life. Thank you for everything you have given me personally, and for the many people before and after me.

If you have a story you would like to share about how the North Little Rock Theatre Arts Department affected your life, please share with us by emailing We'd love to share your experiences!