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North Little Rock High School Theatre Arts     

The Expectations:

*An appreciation and love for the performing arts

*To be a leader in and out of the classroom

*To be able to travel around the state, representing NLRHS and participate in speech tournaments

*To be committed to our long-standing traditions and have fun being involved in something bigger than you!

*There are activity fees attached to this squad, however, if you have a money issue, this is negotiable! Do NOT let this be a deciding factor on whether or not you audition for our team! We WILL work with you!

*To find a place where you belong and be a part of a family!

*Morning rehearsals for group events are a must! We begin promptly at 7:30 AM depending on the event! (Words and Music, Readers Theatre)

To Join:

To audition: You MUST have a 2.0 GPA in order to be able to audition and compete (AAA rules and regulations)


*Grades are huge in this class. You MUST have and maintain a 2.0 GPA to be able tp travel and compete with the squad.

*Abstain from ISS and SAC

*This is an AUDITION ONLY course. Auditions are held before Spring Break in March.

*We would LOVE to have you on the squad! Join us today!!

Do YOU have what it takes to become a Forensics Squad member?
Forensics This course is exactly what YOU put into it! It is exactly what YOU make of it! Find out what YOU are capable of doing! Join Today!

The Forensic Showcase

Join us April 19, 2016 for our annual year end review at the Argenta Community Theatre.


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The Benefits:

*Lifetime friendships with your teammates, staff and people from OTHER schools!

*Learn to grow as a person and a performer

*Travel the state

*Challenged to do your very best and give your very best

*A creative outlet!!